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Shreeyash 900 DV Ventilators

Shreeyash 900 DV, A Simple & Reliable Ventilator:

Introduction of Shreeyash 900 Ventilator:

Shreeyash 900 DV is a Volume & Pressure Controlled Ventilator with advanced modes of Invasive & Non-Invasive Ventilation to treat the patient suffering from various lung diseases. The PRVC. MMV. APRV, CPAP Plus PS mode & the HFNC mode puts in the category of the most updated ventilator.

Shreeyash 900 DV iS intended for Adult & Pediatric use.

A large Fifteen inches Touch Screen is provided that indicates various settings, alarms & graphical representation of scaler wave forms & Loops & Curves. It performs a self-diagnosis test each time the ventilator is put ON. Faclities like Suction, Nebulizer & ETCO2 are provided at an Extra Cost. The rotary knob for setting the parameters, the touch screen features, the easly detachable Expiratory Valve ensures Simplicity.

A battery back- up of 240 minutes. Apnea alarm with Back up ventilation. Auto mode facility in ACMV & CPAP+PS mode. Selectable Inspiratory Rise Time, 48 trend facility & above all the Auto Shifting of FIO2 to 100% in case of Air supply Failure & Auto Shifting of FIO2 to 21% in case of Oxygen Failure ensures Reliablity.

Special Functions:
  • Auto Mode provided in this ventilator wil be of utmost help to the clinician & attending staff which ensures safe Ventilation of the Patient.
  • The Auto mode can be activated in ACMV & CPAP+PS mode.
  • CPAP plus pressure support. This specialty mode puts the ventilator in the category of the most updated ventilators & is a boon for patients with "FLAIL" Chest. The setting of background ventilation in CPAP mode, ensures effective ventilation of the patient in case of Apnea.
  • HFNC Mode
  • APRV Mode (Airway Pressure Release Ventilation)
  • MMV Mode (Mandatory Minute Ventilation)

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