Dragonfly- High frequency oscillatory ventilator (HFOV)

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Dragonfly- High frequency oscillatory ventilator

Dragonfly- High frequency oscillatory ventilator (HFOV)

The high powered software in the “Dragonfly” enables the user to access various information in regard to

  • Setting guidelines in various diseases.
  • Mechanism of gas exchange in HFOV.
  • Clinical strategies.
  • HFOV manual, HFOV at a glance.
  • Weaning, Troubleshooting, etc.

Special Functions :

  • Dragonfly is a servo controlled High Frequency Oscillatory ventilator with Active Inspiratory & Active Expiratory phase.
  • The inspiration time could be set to 33% & 50% providing an I: E Ratio of 1:2 & 1:1.
  • The Bias flow in Dragonfly is servo controlled. It can deliver Bias flow from 4 to 40 LPM.
    The user need not adjust the flow when the MAP is set. It’s automatic. The Bias flow is digitally displayed on the TFT screen.
  • The MAP on the dragonfly is also Servo Controlled & the Range of MAP setting is 4 to 40cm H2O.
  • Amplitude can be set by using the soft touch key provided on the control Panel. The Range is 0 to 100%.
  • The Frequency can be set from 5 to 15 Hz by Virtue of feather touch key.
  • The Dragonfly comprises of a large TFT screen that indicates various Settings, Alarms, Messages & Graphs. When the Help Key is activated, the TFT screen displays the entire user manual.
  • It indicates a graphical representation of Pressure V/S Time
  • The Dragonfly digitally indicates the delivered “Tidal Volume”.
  • It also indicates the value of DCO2 which helps the clinician to avoid Frequent ABG’S & CXR.
  • Digital display of DCO2 provided, helps to non invasively monitor the pulmonary mechanics. This Helps in reducing the frequent ABG.
  • The set Map is automatically maintained by the servo mechanism, even if Amplitude, Frequency or Inspiration time is changed.
  • The Dragonfly comes along with an Inbuilt “Air Oxygen” Blender.

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