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BilicareFocus Invention at a glance:

  • Irradiance Of 25 to > 45 mw/Crn2 is achieved from a distance Of 18 inches(45cm)
  • Faceted LED Panel to focus the blue light only on baby tray & to avoid wastage of light & Avoid light pollution in the room.
  • LED fixed in different THREE D angles to focus the blue light.
  • A special 30-degree lens is used to focus the blue light on the baby treatment area.
  • Three modes of Photo therapy treatment are incorporated which provides different wave length from a distance of 18 inches to treat neonatal jaundice as per the serum bilirubin level of the newborn, hence is no need to reduce the distance between the light source & baby bassinet. This enhances the efficacy of Infant caretakers.
  • NO need Of special cooling fan is required as the LED enclosure is manufactured in an aluminum box which itself acts as a heat sink absorbing whatever heat is produced by the LED.
  • Special Cree LED is used which produces less heat & dissipates more light.
  • Almost doubles the life of LED as the irradiance of 25 mw/cm2 is achieved using only 50% of power & also as the light is notwasted.
  • Economical for hospitals as the electricity consumption is reduced.
  • Economical for patient as the hospital stay is reduced.
  • The sleek & elegant design of the phototherapy & unbreakable baby bassinet not only livens up the ambiance but ensures durability.
  • Smart controller that indicates the phototherapy used hours, treatment time, infant feed schedule & also controls the irradiance.

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